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The Security Implications of Web 2.0

You should.

ANY and ALL of these scenarios can lead to data loss which in turn can result in high remediation costs, violations of state or federal laws, loss of intellectual property, damage to the corporate brand, and lost business.

Turn to McAfee! We can protect your organization from endpoint to email with our leading line of encryption products.

Email Encryption:  Easy-to-use SaaS-based email encryption protects data in transit. Requiring no hardware or software, it is very easy to deploy, manage, and use.

Endpoint Encryption:  Powerful encryption integrated with centralized management helps prevent unauthorized access and loss or theft of sensitive data.

Endpoint encryption for PCs:  Full-disk encryption for Windows laptops and desktops.
Endpoint encryption for files, folders, and removable media: Protects files and folders as they move through an organization; secures information saved on removable devices.
Encrypted USB:  Built-in encryption safeguards data on small devices.

Data is money. Protect it with McAfee.

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