The Fourth Annual McAfee Virtual Criminology Report reviews the latest in emerging and looming trends in cybercriminal behavior. International security experts weigh in on how law enforcement entities are not fully equipped to deal with the growing online threats fueled by the unstable global economic environment.

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          • Government distractions toward the economy and a shortage of cybercops are resulting in a lowered focus on escalating cybercrime severity.

          • Economically-strapped consumers are unwittingly participating in cybercriminal networks.

          • Certain geographic markets are becoming safe havens for cybercriminals, while others are becoming scapegoats.

          • Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly mobilized and untraceable.

While government and law enforcement bodies are focusing on the current economic crisis, we all need to take a larger role in the global battle against cybercrime or suffer the consequences of the increase in malicious behavior expected to continue long into 2009 and beyond if not properly addressed.

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