Together with McAfee, an international team of data protection and intellectual property experts undertook extensive research and surveyed more than 1,000 senior IT decision makers in the US, UK, Japan, China, India, Brazil and the Middle East regarding how they currently protect their companies digital data assets and intellectual property.

A distributed network of unsecured economies has emerged with the globalization of many organizations, leaving informational assets even more at risk to theft and misuse. This report investigates the cybercrime risks in various global economies, and the need for organizations to take a more holistic approach to vulnerability management and risk mitigation in this ever-evolving global business climate.

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          • Understand the potential implications of doing business in specific countries as it pertains to securing your companys informational assets.

          • Learn how culture may have an impact on attitudes towards intellectual property and what types of information are considered sensitive and not.

          • Learn how organized crime, employee turnover, reverse engineering, phishing attacks and money mules are putting your company data assets at risk.

          • Discover which countries are investing in information security and updating regulations to address the growing concern of protecting data assets, and those countries less concerned with the issue.

          • Gain valuable insight from industry experts in data protection and intellectual property, including best practices for protecting the vital information of your organization.

Learn more about the issues of cybercrime and unsecured economies putting the worlds information assets at risk, how the trends could impact your organization, and steps you can take to build a stronger defense against threats.

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