McAfee positioned as a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Intrusion Prevention Systems

According to Gartner, "Network IPS performs in-line inspection of network traffic in a near-real-time manner. The inspection identifies attacks using known vulnerabilities of commonly used software products and protocols, as well as known attack patterns with unusual activity based on connection sequences or traffic volume. The primary placement point is at the Internet edge, with secondary placements in branch offices, the data center and, less often, the internal network."

"...Network IPS adds 'block attacks and let everything else through' security enforcement to the 'deny everything except that which is explicitly allowed' policy enforcement that first-generation firewalls provide."

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McAfee Committed to Delivering Leading Network Security Solutions

"Customers and partners turn to McAfee's Network IPS solutions because of our comprehensive, integrated and proven approach to network security. Our position in the leader's quadrant of this highly-regarded network IPS assessment confirms McAfee's relentless commitment to Network IPS and Network Security. Our approach offers both superior protection and decreased maintenance costs."

Rees Johnson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of McAfee's Network Security Business Unit

McAfee Network Security Platform

McAfee Network Security Platform (Network Intrusion Prevention System) provides industry-leading threat protection. It delivers security that is automated, actionable, scalable, and easily integrated and managed. It identifies, blocks, and mitigates threats while providing full visibility into your security infrastructure. With McAfee Network Security Platform, you can substantially improve your security, while you reduce effort and cost.

Visit the McAfee Network Security Platform page for more information

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